This. Is. So. Me.

Capricorn um not so sure about the fashion guru part but all the rest are pretty fitting.definitely not a fashion guru

Yeah, sorry lol

And there are a lot of idiots out there to deal with! That is how I became the Queen of Sarcasm. I'm the Queen of Sarcasm. Or, no, you can be the Queen. I'm the Evil Overlord of Sarcasm.

The 2 sides to each Zodiac sign here

♑ Capricorn ~ It's called sarcasm and apparently some people don't like it.oh well ~ Zodiac Mind

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Not just any kiss, but a Kiss, that doesn't just affect you physically, but permeates the core of your mind as well as your bones.


Lol I doubt it. Last night I entertained myself for a while tapping really fast on a picture of a trampoline. Zooming in and out lol.