Is this New York's most expensive chocolate Easter egg? -

French chocolatier Thierry Atlan is taking Easter up a notch this year at Sugar and Plumm, a bistro and sweet shop on the Upper West Side, wit

We can't get our heads around this Easter egg. It's a 3D extravaganza decorated with chocolate dolphins and chocolate hoops - we wish we could have a taste!Found on (image found on Pinterest)

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Bettys Dark Chocolate Spring Flowers Easter Egg | Inspired by designs that have been in the Bettys archives for generations, this handmade Swiss Grand Cru chocolate egg is decorated with exquisite royal icing primroses, pansies, narcissi and cowslips and has a traditional hand-piped decorative edging.

Just once I received a beautiful egg like this at Easter - mostly got less fancy ones with sweets such as Smarties inside.

Funny Easter Chocolate Egg

Funny Easter Chocolate Egg

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Grandma and Grandpa used to give us a hollow chocolate egg filled with candy every Easter.

Al rico huevo de Pascua de Ladurée

Laduree - the Treasure Easter egg in dark chocolate. A pyramid of macarons can be seen inside.