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Ioannis Gousgounis of SUCCESSKeysGR explains how The McQuaig Psychometric System is ideally suited to develop Emotional Intelligence.

Leadership style

Five Steps To Easy Outsourcing - Simply Digital Design

People are your greatest investment

Invest in your people [Case Study] - McQuaig Psychometric System

Imagine having an exemplary leader driving results for your organization. You may wonder just what is an exemplary leader? That’s a great question! I will share with you some tips from our Executive Coaching program used to help raise the bar on excellence guiding our executive clients and their teams to maximize impact, create lasting

Companies looking improve productivity and profitability is more and more looking to the Lean Management System for help. And, by and large, they are getting it, as Lean helps them to

<3 Atheneum Dendermonde

<3 Atheneum Dendermonde

You and McQuaig – Video - McQuaig

Find out how The McQuaig Institute helps companies hire and retain the right people in this two minute video.

surfing : Smiling young casual man looking at camera with joy and confidence on blue background

Surfing the Job - or 'How to ride the waves of management' - McQuaig Psychometric System

The best versus the rest – awesome leaders

The best versus the rest – awesome leaders

Do you want more effective Training & Development Programmes?

Ioannis Gousgounis, owner of SUCCESSKeysGR explains how the McQuaig Psychometric System identifies preferred learning styles.

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Shane Bohannon is a proven sales leader and skilled at implementing effective sales incentive programs to help sales teams reach their sales goals.

Ashley Law Mid Sussex found unexpected results when they used the McQuaig Psychometric System for the first time.

SME 'invested our money well' with McQuaig - McQuaig Psychometric System

Stop! Don’t judge on first appearances

Don't judge on first appearances - McQuaig Psychometric System

The Perfect Recruitment Tool

The Perfect Recruitment Tool. There are few things more dispiriting than hiring a seemingly ideal candidate only for them to leave after just a few months.

“But who on earth will want to employ me?” …

“But who on earth will want to employ me?