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Music APP

Music APP

My name is Xaiver. I'm super excited to be a part of the Dribbble community. This is my first shot at Dribble with a recent Mucis APP I did

04 player copy

04 player copy


Design Inspiration 67

Design Inspiration is an inspiration series focused more on the graphic design side.

Smart Home WIP by Austin Tapper

Connected home ui 2

Weekly Inspiration for Designers #62 — Lookbook & Profile by Daniel Klopper

Weekly Inspiration for Designers — Muzli -Design Inspirati

Music Player # Daily UI by Simon Lin

Music Player # Daily UI

Hello guys,I am so excited to be here and this is my first shot which is my practice through Daily UI Challenge,hope you guys like it!and thanks Shen

다음 @Behance 프로젝트 확인: \u201c探路者APP引导页设计欣赏~\u201d

Showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries.

Smart Home App_Dark & Light by Yvonne Fung - Dribbble

sign in + another user profile (E-commerce app) by Prakhar Neel Sharma

sign in + another user profile (E-commerce app)

Some samples from an e-commerce app that I worked on:)

UI / UX: Profile Screen - Mobile Blog App

png by Thomas Budiman

Real pixels  색감, 여백활용은 좋지만 서체에서 오는 미니멀한 느낌이 쌓이니 살짝 답답해 보인다. 하지만 전반적으로 아이콘의 배열이나 타이포의 사용, 레이아웃의 안정감은 좋은편.:

We’ve curated the best music player designs on Dribbble for your inspiration. “Music Player Inspiration — April is published by Collect UI

91 Beautiful List UI for Mobile Apps

91 Beautiful List UI for Mobile Apps

Traffic (bus) app exploration with the same color palette used in my previous shot. Props to sir Wojciech Zieliński for getting me back on track, make sure to check out his works! Feedback always.

Keroessa by Vilém Ries

30 Great Examples Of Minimalist UI Designs

50 Great Examples Of Minimalist Mobile App UI Designs - Smashfreakz


I like the color scheme. Could also potentially use the numbers as part of the calculator

Music Player App

Music Player App by Moatasem Kharazz