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The original Sikorsky B Seahawk is due to be replaced with more advanced helicopter designs.

AH-64 Apache Longbow

british army Apache attack helicopter , The Apache Gunship has all the latest mods added to the fleet including the HIDAS defensive aid.

Apache AH-64

Apache Waaaay more useful than ground vehicles during the Zombie Apocalypse. Either become a Chopper pilot or become really good friends (maybe even marry one) just to be sure you are safe!


US Army Bell Kiowa warrior. My job Is to work on these for the next four years I know an awesome solider that flew these in Iraq and Afghanistan. She's a true warrior and American.

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Most powerful transport helicopters

Which is the best transport helicopter in the world? Our Top 10 analysis is based on payload capacity and size. Currently top 10 military transport helicopters in the world are these.

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This photo was taken by a soldier in Afghanistan of a helicopter rescue mission. The pilot is a PA National Guard guy who flies EMS choppers in civilian life. Now how many people on the planet you.

L’US Department of State veut déployer 20 hélicoptères ‘anti-drogue’ au détroit de Gibraltar

L’US Department of State veut déployer 20 hélicoptères ‘anti-drogue’ au détroit de Gibraltar

Augusta A129 Mangusta (Italia)

Helicópteros de Combate en Servicio en el Mundo

Augusta A 129 Mangusta helicopter:Italian army operates 45 Augusta Mangusta lightweight attack helicopters