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Vinyl projects - great since we never leave a thrift store without a handful of them

Top 10 DIY Unique Vinyl Records Recycle

Not everyone has the means to listen to records anymore, but that doesn't mean they're getting tossed by the wayside anytime soon. Records are timeless, and they'll live on even after their musical purpose has come to an end. Merely hanging a record on your wall makes a hip decoration. But you can be more creative than that! Here are 15 other ways to amp up the cool in your home, at your party and even in your wardrobe.

15 Rockin’ Projects that Repurpose Vinyl Records

someone is getting a record table for Christmas! #littlebro #gift for the #musician

DIY: repurpose an old LP vinyl and a planter stand into a really cool record side-table. Cute and retro effect guaranteed with this easy do-it-yourself project!

15 Rockin’ Projects that Repurpose Vinyl Records

15 Rockin’ Projects that Repurpose Vinyl Records

Recycled Vintage Vinyl Necklaces #JD112011 (Electric Guitar) These functional works of art were made from vintage records that were laser-cut to create contemporary and iconic necklaces. Crafted from thousands of records that were rescued from the scrap heap, these pieces are re-fined, recycled and hip.

Recycled Vintage Vinyl Necklaces - something to try - and also cover artwork