Beautiful idea for my sleeve

I don't like the portrait or the birds, but I love the placement of the roses with the frame. good for my alice tat?

This is so cute

love it. Would put a wolf in there instead of a fox though - I think the fox gives it a unique look. Wolves in tattoos are so overdone. Heck, wolves are overdone in all that pseudo Native American stuff. Plus foxes are simply the best animals.

by Teniele Sadd

something like this would be pretty for a pair of a tattoos without matching

Little pretty bird tattoo designs

Antheia Goddess of nature

Artist: Stephie Everitt this is beautiful

Desenho do Dia.

Lady Mechanika Spring Flowers 2012 - Art by Joe Benitez & Peter Steigerwald

Tumblr Drawings Tattoos Images Pictures - Becuo

Hip tattoo idea, with a rose though

Screen-shot-2010-11-17-at-10.05.45-AM.png 431×536 píxeles

Queen of Hearts/Queen of Hurts. Not sure why the "dead Queen" is on top of the living one. I would flip this card the other way then get it tattooed. ALready have my Queen Mark on my wrist :)

Love the roses in this... Not so much the skull

Flower and Skull Tattoo Sketch

My tat idea

This is kinda like what im getting. but the head and body much smaller, and the boat larger. different proportions. love (I really like her face.maybe i'll ask to use it on my siren.


Back tattoo lotr

Ouija board/fortune teller tattoo idea

Ouija Fortune Teller By Lucky at Legacy Tattoo in Sacramento CA.

Hourglasses / Roses / Skull by Edward Miller

Tattoo Idea!

traditional tattoo ship, lyrics from Sound of Guns

Wanna get a tattoo like this, except have a different quote, I'm thinking "so we beat on, boats against the current, borne bak ceaselessly into the past." I love the quote in the picture less the tattoo

Love this, too bad she got it upside down on her arm.

I've always liked gypsy moth tattoos

Stunning watercolor rose tat

Valentina Tattoo Love the color that comes out in the middle of the rose. This is the coolest rose tattoo I've EVER seen.