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Hiking in the woods sounds nice but maybe a park because I have become scared of hunters and them shooting at something or someone because of stupidity. So I guess going to a park and walking through it or a zoo would be just as wonderful!

When Two Worlds Meet - image

This image is dedicated for all, those in long distance relationship, or anyone that’s in love. Love is always magical where two people that grew up in a different environment creating a bridge between the 2 worlds meet.

HJ-Story :: No matter the distance

I wish I was able to say Happy Valentines Day to Ryan! That would be absolutely lovely but forever & all eternity the man from La. ye should know I love you and never ever any other soul ((yeah yeah that's not family lol))!


Just want to show 1 of the limited Print available for HJ-Story Book campaign at…

Muchas veces nos hacemos la pregunta de ¿Que es el amor realmente? pero siempre todo lleva a que es muy dificil describirlo, hoy les traigo una pequeña colección de hj story que fue doblado a el idioma español y editado para poder compartirlo con...

Que es el amor? 1 parte

I always say that I want my Engagement ring to be a Pearl because if man dives to the depths of the Ocean to pluck it for you, he definitely loves you

HJ-Story: Us Together - LINE Creators' Stickers

MUST DO TO RYRY! (It's actually the fantasy I see every single day, me kissing the side of his face repeatedly ^_^ and him doing that to me too I'm only human, what can you do?

More Fun and cute HJStory stickers to use to chat with your other half!

Oh that is keyute! I sincerely want to blow Ryan a kiss *mwwwah, kisses sent your way* but words just aren't doing it right now *super sad* and damn I really need to get a flower hair clip for my hair!