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Abstract Art A wonderful abstraction.Michela Can't remember where I saw this, one of the wine and canvas type painting classes. I would credit it if I could remember.

Easy flower painting idea. Lots of different colors could be used. Teal would be awesome.

DarlingFlorals, Acrylic Painting on reclaimed maple hardwood. A new kind of florist. Be smart about your art! - ideas for finishing my painting

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Acrylic+painting+is+of+a+breath+taking+starry+night+sky+scene,+including+a+barn+silhouette+&+a+shooting+star!Discreetly+written+across+the+stars+is+a+quote:+"I+want+to+make+you+feel+like+you+can+fly. I always lik barns in art/photos

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