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A friend sent this absolutely perfect pin to me!!! I can't help my awesomeness! Thanks, Julie!!!!

BodyRock: Get in the best shape of your life at home for free


Funny pictures about I'm going to hell. Oh, and cool pics about I'm going to hell. Also, I'm going to hell.

Friends @Stephanie Close Wells Right back at you Amber!!

Funny pictures about Reminder about your girlfriends. Oh, and cool pics about Reminder about your girlfriends. Also, Reminder about your girlfriends.

Keep your friends close...

wtf: Keep your friends close and your enemies in a ditch, because fuck that

Better than who pissed in your Cheerios

Who ate your bowl of sunshine this morning, Thundercloud? I'm going to say that to the next grumpy person I run into :)

Ain't it the truth!!

Fun quote - everything I like is either illegal immoral fattening addictive expensive or impossible :)


Except for me ~holly~ I'm never normal lol i don't go crazy. i am crazy. // i just go normal from time to time.

"Karma bus delayed due to high demand. No worries. It's coming."

20 Funny Quotes That Remind You That Karma Is ALWAYS Watching

I am unable to quit as I am currently too legit. What I tell my little 25 year old boot camp coach.

Ha ha, so true - coolsexyvibes

Ha ha, so true - coolsexyvibes

Boy have I learned this the past few days. I stopped looking at your media over a week ago bc of the lies but the people that have come out of the wood work the past 2 days talking about you. I really do feel sad. This could all be easily avoided but you can't see that.

so hard to find genuine people these days, but some exists. I am myself, I couldn't be fake even if I tried.