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What if famous animated characters were gender switched? - 9GAG

What famous animated characters would look like when gender switched.<< I love GENDERBENT! My favorites are Esmeralda, Ariel, Sophie, Princess Mononoke and Ashitaka

Just a reminder that Disney actually did this. | I never saw this before, I'M DYING #compartirvideos #imagenesdivertidas

Tangled: "Smolder" By Flynn. I had no idea this was an actual video the Disney Animators made! This is hilarious!

interesting :t Disney princesses in different cultures

What If Different Cultures

Disney, why don't you make more diverse princesses? Personally, I think Pocahontas was diverse enough, and mulan is one of the only truly diverse Disney princesses.

Disney Cartoon Characters | disney baby Traveling with Infants to Walt Disney World

Traveling with Infants to Walt Disney World