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You stop holding back the sarcasm so much as your kids get older, but they don't always handle it very well.

You've made the mistake of sharing a meme that upsets a bunch of sanctimommies and daddies.

Haha my Mother blessed me with my sarcasm haha and because I work with kids I'm twice as sarcastic.sorry not sorry

29 parents who are clearly way better at texting than their kids

29 Parents Who Are Clearly Way Better At Texting Than Their Kids

Clever funny kids ==================== Awww...my god too funny. I am crying

18 Kids Who Definitely Bested Their Teachers

Hilarious Moment during class-THIS IS NOT FAKE! - YouTube // Impatient? Skip to 0:35. It's worth the wait!

Two girls in class play with their webcam at the perfect moment HAVE TO WATCH soo hilarious.good job to these girls, no get back to work! I wonder if they passed this class.or showed him this video!

She better than me

Some Helpful Life Hack Tips, Let's Make Life Great Again!

The 22 Best Adele Memes

The 22 Best Adele Memes

Lionel always answers Adele. Always. This reminds me of Ellen's conversation with Adele on YouTube

Lionel always answers, Adele. Always.

So this happened just the other day! My co worker sang the Adele version and I sang Lionel's version. She was caught off guard. Good times at work.