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Creative Typography by Six & Five Studio

It's cool how the designer used the typography and what the word says to design it. They made the word "toasted" look like toasted bread. Also the surroundings of the typography all fits in to the meaning which is really cool.

what's the best thing that could happen? - hand lettering

matthewtapia: Friends of Type Wednesday sketch. Final will be up on the site very soon-ish. Gotta give a midweek thanks to the FoT crew!

Structural Typography Designs - Dan Hoopert Creates an Intricate 3D Font Using Wire (GALLERY)

Structural Typography Designs

Handmade Food Typography Typography and photography lover, Nina Harcus, worked on a recipe book called ‘Type Delight’. In the book, she hand made beautiful food typography—using flour, a pie and.

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Vector Illustration, Used for Advertising 'Autumn-Winter Collection "Givenchy", Campaign - Vector Illustration by Matt Edwards (b.

Food Typography PSD Actions

Great way of executing type made of an every day item. Very legible and interesting. A Script type with gorgeous thick strokes and slighlty thinner strokes.