Make me the villain, fine. Turn me into the evil queen, the heartless b*tch, but never forget, you wrote this story. — Sophia Carey

She was queen. She was The Queen. there was a unnamed weight in the mirrors reflection. Shadows swept around in the mirrors eye as she passed. Horns and soulless eyes glimmered.


Reminds me of a story I was writing that I haven't worked on in months. The main character was this girl, Leslie Hale, and the woman in the picture looks older than her since Leslie is about but she has the same hair and face type, including the freckles.

character inspiration

Quincy Pym dresses like an intellectual, but he is actually more like a skater or stoner. However, he is a very creative person, and often says very deep and poetic things.

Princess Adrenna Victoria Athena Majken Vendela Nikoli of the Kingdom of Glacies Cordis

Going Grey, The New Hair TrendJust like clothing trends, hair trends are constantly evolving. From ombré to pastels to platinum blonde, it seems like as soon as you try the newest trend, there’s.