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there are so many things about avatar I love. this is one of the big reasons :)

there are so many things about avatar I love. this is one of the big reasons :) <Netflix needs to add back Avatar so I can finish watching it.

I love how the creators had his hair gradually grow out and not just one minute cut hair and another minute long hair

Zuko: Changes he has a lot of different hairstyles! I like his longer, shaggier hair best! Longer hair was definitely his best look.

AtLA & LoK: Never trust the tenth episode. I've never noticed this before!!

Never trust the tenth episode. Screenshots from "The Library" (ATLA season "The Day of Black Sun, Part (ATLA season "Turning the Tides" (LOK season "A New Spiritual Age" (LOK season and "Long Live the Queen" (LOK season

This means Izumi is “Fire Lord Water”.

Mai must have been like "Wat the. nah I don't care">>excuse the language>> I hate to be the first to scream this, but. ZUTARA OKAY ZUTARA

I want an animation of this!

Wasn't sure if I should put this my Naruto or avatar group. I think it fit my avatar group better.

Yeah, I should have thought of a better title, but eh it works. I thought of this idea during greek class (Yeah, I'm learning how to speak/write ancient greek XD) and I just looked up Toph and Weep...

Flick of doom by on Deviantart - Toph vs. a Weeping Angel (Avatar TLA meets Doctor Who)


Im going to be a freshman next yr. Im scared now<<<good luck<<<<I'm sorry but the College Student Aang is spot on 😂😂

Voice actors. This is nutso

There were a lot that I knew, but Young Suyin and Opal's voice actors threw me for a loop. That's awesome.

Right in the feels.

Please excuse me while I go cry in a corner.😢😢😢😢Crying but happy he passed in peace next to his best friend

Instantly started tearing up when I saw this----It's so sad. To know that Mako died soon after he voiced this scene makes it even more sad... *sobs*

Instantly started tearing up when I rewatched this

What's really great about this, I think, is that this is a TV show whose primary audience is children, and yet there's a reason why so much of the audience IS adults (even adults without kids). If you talk to anyone my age (let's say, late 20s), all of us love the adults in Legend of Korra. It reminds us that there are still awesome people we can grow up to be (admittedly, most of us don't have Toph and Katara for mothers, but still. xP)

As a girl I admired all of the elderly women from LOK. Especially Aang's daughter Kya.

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That's what I've been thinking, the kids seem like Sokka too, the two making up that game, that sounded like such a Sokka thing to do. There are a few other personality things that remind me of him too. I'm calling it: Tokka and Zoph.