Badass welding hood: stormtrooper edition

Badass welding hood: stormtrooper edition

holy shit this is the hottest thing ive ever seen !

Pictures labeled like this just give us males a bad name. I like the fact that we are seeing a female weld, but really men this is where you go with it?

Eglė Vitonienė

This looks like a gas canister with a window, I,d forget the window and make a fold out door to use as a shelf and food organiser.

Welding Mask Respirator | ASGE

The Scott WS-PF powered air welding mask respirator is ideal for use with the Proflow & Autoflow respirators that we supply and includes both UV .

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Miller - Welding Helmets & Welder Safety Equipment and Clothing - Digital Elite™ Series

The EZ-Cut Jig takes your Milwaukee Port-a-band and turns it into 3 different bandsaws

Portaband Pro, Formerly EZCUT-JIG, allows you to use your Milwaukee Deep Cut Portable Band Saw as a portable chopsaw and as an upright bandsaw.

Welding helmet w respirator system

Welding helmet with respirator if your going to mig aluminium use a respirator, the fumes can cause Alzheimer's . If the fumes get under the helmet and your welding all day your face will look like the silver surfer.

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I think this is recycling with vintage imagination!             DIY art idea: vintage gears

RH's Tractor Wheel Gear:Reproductions of machinery gears that drove the industrial revolution serve as striking artistic forms in their own right.