Yeah sure ballet is easy... Not in this world

I hate how people underestimate only looks easy because we make it look easy!and it hard to make it look easy

Thank you someone finally said it

It's so stupid how people don't think that dance is a sport! <--but it's not a sport. It is it's own art. It's HARDER then a sport, and in my opinion, sports and ballet can't be compared.

Yeah it's true.

dance problems - this kid was like "I'm a soccer player. I know more about blisters"<-- im a soccer player and a dancer boo yah. Dance is definitely by far my prioritity tho

Here's to us dancers

Which is why dance is harder than any, lacrosse, football, everything

Yeah...just noooo

Little Dance Things When non-dancers think they can tap by stomping their feet around.Insert eye roll the most annoying thing on the dance planet! Oh my gosh so annoying !