So pretty, but the multiple piercings make me cringe - how painful is that? I prefer the ear cuffs, myself. 18 Cute And Unexpected Ear Piercings

Tree Frog Gold Ear Cuff Non Pierced No Piercing FOLLOW ME for more pins like this

Silver or Gold tree frog ear cuff, ear cuff jacket, no piercing needed. Fake cartilage ear cuff featuring a cute tree frog in antiqued gold or

Literalmente, esto es de otro mundo.

La nueva tendencia que está haciendo que todos se perforen constelaciones en las orejas

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CZ Cartilage Wrap Ear Cuff Sterling Silver with a Chain to CZ

Gold Filled CZ Cartilage Wrap Ear Cuff with a Chain to Ball Post with an extra ball post. I'm gonna get a chain like this when I can change out my cartilage ring ^_^ ~ Gold earings ~

Make yourself look stellar before heading out by accenting your outfit with these constellation earrings. Available in either the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, or Orion's Belt - each earring is made from silver wire accentuated by topaz stars.

Constellation Earrings

These gold-plated space invader earrings are laser-etched to look just like the space invaders you used to try and shoot up in the arcades.