Lately I’ve found a board that I would share with you all: Paper Castle & Cardboard House. This board contains many castles and houses made from cardboard, both artworks and tutorials for crafts and DIY’s.

Manualidades con papel de seda y cartulina

Manualidades con papel, cómo hacer una vidriera

Kids Craft Butterfly Stained Glass Suncatcher Kit with Birds, Bees, Using Tissue paper, Arts and Crafts Kids Activity, project(Diy Ideas Paper)

Que el dinero no te impida demostrarle tu cariño.

Detalles para tu novio si no tienes ni un peso

Cardboard guitar                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

This is a totally awesome guitar decoration! You'll just need some yarn, cardboard, paint, and some patterned paper to use for the main guitar shape. Perfect for the music-lover in the family.


Cardboard oven for dolls. Adjusting the size would be easy to accommodate any doll size.

Máscara de Panda en goma eva.

Try this quick & easy to make DIY animal costume, paper panda mask template to download instantly!

Easy with printable panda mask template + instructions. Print paper panda mask for adults or kids, today.

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Turn a Cardboard Box into an Epic Marble Run

Use cardboard, craft sticks, and hot glue to create an epic marble run! The marbles land in paper cups at the bottom of the track. This is a fantastic engineering challenge for kids. How should we position the sticks? Which path will the marbles take? How

DIY store idea: make and decorate a cardboard play store for groceries, clothes, toys, etc.

Mega Roundup of DIY Play Store Inspiration

10 Ways to Repurpose Cardboard Boxes for Imaginative Play. Imaginative play is a vital part of children’s development. The humble cardboard box can make that possible. We have found 10 ways to repurpose cardboard boxes for imaginative play.

Make your own town

lantern 1 Milk boxes lanterns in packagings diy with Light - Idea for the lantern parade