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Otter family.

Otter family.

California sea otters back at Monterey Bay Aquarium - San Jose Mercury News

Sea otters are at the top of the marsh food chain and eat large species of crabs. These crabs feed on small “micro-grazers” that help to control algae. Algae has the potential to take over an entire marine ecosystem, taking up all the water’s oxygen and blocking out sunlight for plants and animals.

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Sea Otter Photos

Sea Otter Photos

Just chillin' ~~Sea Otter in College Fjord, Prince William Sound, Chugach National Forest, Alaska by Wild Nature Images~~

While sea otters sleep in the water, they make sure to hold hands with there partner so they don’t drift apart from one anot...

In year the three-year running average is approximately southern sea otters off the coast of California. There are between and northern sea otters residing in Alaska, Canada and Washington. There are approximately in Russia and less than a dozen in Japan.

Mother Sea Otter Holding Newborn Pup Out Of Water, Prince William Sound, Southcentral Alaska, Winter

Watch Heroic Rescuers Reunite Crying Otter Pup With Mom

“Our team for Alaska filmed this sea otter mother and her pup floating in Prince William Sound. The mother will fluff up the pup's dense fur, trapping a…” Mais

I otter kiss you! - cutestpaw.com

Chester Zoo recently welcomed two tiny newborn baby Asian Small-clawed Otters to its fold. The water-logged pups have been appropriately named ‘Daley’, after U. Olympian diver Tom Daley, and ‘Rebecca’, in honor of Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington!


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This sea otter pup was rescued at California's Central Coast. Now he lives in Monterey Bay Aquarium.

This sea otter pup was rescued at California's Central Coast. Now he lives in Monterey Bay Aquarium. Take a visit to the aquarium, or walk/kayak along the coast to see some of Monterey's famous otters.

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