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Otter family.

California sea otters back at Monterey Bay Aquarium - San Jose Mercury News

cute otters.

In year the three-year running average is approximately southern sea otters off the coast of California. There are between and northern sea otters residing in Alaska, Canada and Washington. There are approximately in Russia and less than a dozen in Japan.

"If you ever want to see your dog again, we want 400 lbs of unmarked fish, a dozen frogs and maybe a couple turtles"

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Awwwter  mom

Sea otter mom and pup at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Sea otter pups sleep on their moms.

The first sea otter was discovered by Georg Steller in 1751 | Community Post: 14 Surprising Facts About Sea Otters :: @Katie Fletcher  Watch the video at the end. It's proof enough that y'all need an otter habitat in your backyard! ::

14 Surprising Facts About Sea Otters

Though Katy says that cats may be her spirit animal, Otters are definitely her favorite animal. So cute.