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slowly drifting

Out there - Landscape/Scenery digital art by Gerard UK. From the Artist: This was originally a very fast loose speed paint.


Elven/fantasy art on a 3 dimensional canvas that can be hung directly on your wall or framed. A must for the connoissuer of elven or fantasy art

we-are-rogue: “ Artist sadly unknown. ”

The Huntress whirled, her cape lifting into the air as she effortlessly spun her swords, a circle of fallen soldiers already at her feet.

Untitled by Robin Macmillan on Flickr.

Artamanen: untitled by Robin Macmillan Another Voice, when I am sleeping, cries 'The Flower should open with the Morning skies.' And a retreating Whisper, as I wake - 'The Flower that once has blown for ever dies.

Villain and Ceryn light sister This reminds me of both ToG and ACOMAF kligen der nacht by chazillah on DeviantArt

"You thought armor was enough? Hate can pierce through anything--remember that." -- Cass vs Benji

Wounded m Ranger in Cavern 3 arrows in back ((Open RP.)) I clamp my fists and teeth in pain as the world began to blur around me. Slowly, I look up at the princess I swore to protect." I order her. ((Credit to

Zems - Blizzard, Jackson Tjota on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zems-blizzard

Zems - Blizzard by Tjota on Deviant Art. A Commission for Gustav Alander of Sweden. Thank you This is a re-imagination of his fiancée, Malin. They seem to love fantasy-themed art, and requested it to have thick Renaissance feel.

Scathach, the Scottish Warrior Goddess

elfself: for-redheads: The Wind from Hastings - Luis Royo I didn& see the the battle lines until I looked up the original picture, awesome.

Micah Epstein

“Terrible Purpose” Shamelessly self-indulgent personal piece, based on an unused sketch from a class I took late last year.