Architectural Drawings Andrei (Zoster) Răducanu

Architectural Drawings Andrei (Zoster) Răducanu - captures the mishap formation of books on the stairs and the quirky layout.

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The use of different pen thickness in the drawing helps to demonstrate the structural details and particular fixtures and finishes. The addition of the quick sketch perspectives help the viewed to understand the plans of the space.

Gothic Columns | Antique Gothic Style

Gothic Capitals John Ruskin c. Engraving Source: Works, facing XI, One of Ruskin's many technical illustrations for The Stones of Venice — the architectural equivalent of the geological studies in Modern Painters

How to Make an Interior Design Portfolio...this would be a very cool project from start to finish!

How to Make an Interior Design Portfolio

Interior Design The student knows the employability characteristics of a successful worker in the modern workplace.F) maintain a project portfolio that documents interior design projects using a variety of multimedia techniques with a professional resume.