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New York City has also been meeting its goals for increasing access to public spaces and parks and improving bicycling and safety. Since commuter bicycling has more than tripled due to the network of bike lanes, bike routes, and greenways.

The Deltametropool study demonstrates that the South wing is in fact part of a…

Use for security to show how there is an integrated, seamless network of transit, also use the links to show how they can be interpreted as view lines out

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Good architecture and urban planning from conception to actualization allows for a greater probability that the multitude of complex systems woven into the operation and behaviors of a city functions ideally.

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Mississippi Ave, Portland OR. Click image to tweet and visit the boards >>

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Mapping Mississippi Street (Portland OR) Very clean diagram showing the amenities on the street corridor with a figure ground of just the corridor. Nice color scheme, and the diagram is not too busy and distracting.

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eschewing the conventional role in traditional architectural hierarchies, this project acts as a catalyst to an overcrowded favela by bringing in social infrastructure and a connection between top-down and bottom-up initiatives.

A small- scale but socially catalytic interventions (City Acupuncture), tailored for the particular environment and community for which they are created and designed to solve local issues may cause positive ripple effects.

arch_it City Acupuncture public space competition prize in competition for small scale urban intervention City Acupuncture for ECC Wrocław 2016 - Architecture Daily