Pink Robin (Petroica rodinogaster) by Tim Collins Tasmania

Pink Robin (Petroica rodinogaster) by Tim Collins Tasmania IT'S A REAL THING! The Pink Robin is a small passerine bird native to southeastern Australia. Its natural habitats are temperate forests and subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.

Purple Finch

Purple Finch - Carpodacus purpureus, male (South Dakota)--a wee bit chubbier and rounder than the house finch, with more red on the back

Varied Bunting

Veelkleurengors - Varied Bunting (Passerina versicolor) in Mexico

Colors!...Bird and flower are in hue harmony...

❥ american goldfinch on cone flower - by william dalton - purple / lime-green BIRD - flower


Cuba is proud to be the home of the smallest bird in the world. The Bee Hummingbird! This sweet little bird, is only found in Cuba.