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Νηπιαγωγός για πάντα....: Η Γωνιά της Σκέψης και της Συμφιλίωσης

Kelso's nine problem-solving solutions on a "Kelso's Choice Wheel." Kelso's Choice strategies are an important part of our Second Grade experience at our school.

Idea for students with chronic behavior issues and who chronically miss a fun Friday activity.

Chronic Discipline Problem

Business and management infographic & data visualisation tips for teaching elementary school: Chronic Discipline Problem Infographic Description Tips to us

moods by LEGO face... Use in conjunction with How does your engine run? or as part of another program to help students identify their arousal state.

Lego facial expressions for feelings How Do You Feel Today? Image by Designholic

FREE Clever original chants for lining up your class quickly and quietly!

This file has a ton of line up chants that can be sung while the students are lining up! I would love to use these in my classroom. Instead of talking to one another when they shouldn't be, everyone can simply sing a line up song as we are lining up.

Brag buttons... Love these!

Brag buttons // add a sticker on the back: "parents your student did well in my class today, please return this button and congratulate your student and encourage them to continue to strive!

Dr. Jean's tricks for when "Shhhh!" does not work.  These are great! And other classroom management ideas

Jean's tricks for when "Shhhh!" does not work. And other classroom management ideas. Jean helped me work wonders for kindergarten and my graders enjoyed some of the learning songs too.

The Creative Classroom: I Love That Classroom Management Idea!!

I Love That Classroom Management Idea!!

Super cute idea for a classroom reward - Kids try to earn "Marshmallow Points" for the class. When the mug is full, they get a hot chocolate party! I also did this with a penguin and individual hot cocoa cups for each student to earn rewards.