Dream Catcher Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Design with Roses.

60 Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

Anchor And Feather Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design

dream catcher - anchor - feather - infinity this is actually a cool design. If i didn't already have and anchor infinity sign, i would get this in a heart beat.

I like the design around the rose. Maybe a more traditional rose though.

I'm not into roses, but with the mandala, flower, and the chandelier chain together, this would be a beautiful tattoo.

50928180-Hand-drawn-romantic-drawing-of-a-heart-shaped-dream-catcher-feathers-and-leaves-Vector-illustration--Stock-Vector.jpg (1130×1300)

Heart Shaped Dream Catcher With Feathers. by itskatjas Hand drawn romantic drawing of a heart shaped dream catcher, feathers and leaves.