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mew! christmas spirit. Oh boy what I have to look forward to!

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View Stock Photo of Hamster Eating Cookie.

Meowy Xmas!

Christmas Tree Kitty *Who would do this to their beloved pet. Those lights can get pretty hot.

christmas coffee

polka dot coffee cup with candy cane.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree! Your branches are history!

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree! Your ornaments are history!

Warm wishes for a happy holiday.

Gray Tiger Christmas Kitten all Snug in Christmas Hat.

chat noel

Reindeer cat - Gotta get Fudge to try a new outfit on this Christmas.

Adorable Christmas Cat under the tree..

Adorable Christmas Cat under the tree..

Christmas cat

Kitty in the tree - the ultimate ornament! My kitten won't stay out of our tree but I can't get a cute pic!

It was a good catmas.  And excellent Christmas too!

Avanti Christmas Cards, Too Many Treats, - - With their humorous style of colorful, clever storytelling, Avanti greeting cards always bring a smile.


Christmas cat portrait with tree and gift.


Oh Jake cat you looked just as beautiful and so kind


* * " Ands maybe me frow ornament on de floor soes Santa says:' Noes!' and me goes back wif him.


Oh Christmas Cat, Oh Christmas Cat.You know just where and how to bat. the ornaments all off the tree, and all with so much joyful glee. Oh Christmas Cat, Oh Christmas cat. why can't you leave the tree just be?

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Image via We Heart It #dogschristmastree

I just found my Christmas card idea for Molly. Who says dog moms can't have Christmas cards too?