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☼ ☾ Pinterest: @ppresiousppink

☼ ☾ Pinterest: @ppresiousppink

Best. Phone case. Ever. Pinterest: @Geminiaa

This girl was wearing a 'lol ur not Oli Sykes' shirt when I was a restaurant once and I kept staring at it to get her to notice me bc I'm too socially awkward to actually say anything

Melanie Martinez - Cake (1/4)

Your kiss is sugary sweet, your fingers feel like cotton when you wrap your arms around me. im not a piece of cake, that you can just discard

Mrs. Potato head Melanie Martinez lyrics #edit4me

It's such a waste When little girls grow into their mothers face But little girls are learning how to cut and paste And pucker up their lips until they suffocate.

melanie martinez aesthetic | Tumblr

Now I know you and I'm upset I thought you were such a good person but U are a sexist asshole and I take back everything.