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Too true

This counseling session was better than any therapist u could pay for: *reads question aloud* *says something fairly related in his personal life* "I don't know how to answer this, next question.

If I say "boyband", I'm watching #Day6. If I say "boy group", that could be anyone! #kpop

If I say "boyband", I'm watching BTS. If I say "boy group", that could be anyone!


sadly i dont have any fangirl friends, only ones who judge me for being a fangirl of one direction, but as long as i have the boys and my directioner family im happy!

It was also trying to read a sign in Hangul, but it was in English...

Or you start watching an American TV show/movie and your eyes immediately focus on the bottom of the screen looking for subs. And you miss the first few minutes of dialogue because you can't understand the language cause your ears are so ktuned to Korean.