San Marco Interior, Venice,Italy by cristina

Basilica di San Marco, Venezia, a great example of byzantine architecture.

Saint Mark's Interior- Venice

Saint Mark's Interior- Venice Visiting Venice this summer.maybe I'll visit Saint Mark's :)

San Marco Cathedral, or St. Mark's Basilica, Venice, Italy.  Construction of the building first began in 828.  by pedro lastra

Basilica di San Marco, Construction of the building first began in by pedro lastra

St Marks Basilica, Venice

The Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark (officially known in Italian as the Basilica Cattedrale Patriarcale di San Marco and com.

St. Mark's basilica, in Venice, Italy

Mark's basilica in Venice is a unique marvel. There's no similar church in the World, with its mix of romanesque, gothic and (dominant) byzantine styles.

NOTRE DAME DE FOURVIEVRE CATHEDRAL (Our Lady of Fourvievre) in Lyon, France

Notre Dame De Fourvievre Cathedral (Our Lady of Fourvievre) in Lyon, France

(A mosaic at the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Ravenna) When we think of 'mosaic art', we probably would instinctively think of a decaying Roman villa with a few remaining examples of dull-looking mosaics, mostly laid out on floors. And yet if you have the good fortune to venture out to Ravenna, which is about 1 ...continue reading →

Basilica of San Vitale ~ Ravenna, Italy, and one of the most important examples of Christian Byzantine art and architecture in western Europe.



Cappella Palatina, Palermo  -  Italia

Byzantine mosaics at the Palatine Chapel ( Capella Palatina ) Norman Palace Palermo, Sicily, Italy.