Graphic History of Architecture by John Mansbridge. "Pillars and wall cornings were prime structural elements which were given amazing ornamentation. It sets the tone and mood before entering a building" Más

James Kellaway Colling. Plates from Colling’s Gothic Ornament. 1847. Gothic Architectural ornaments.

James Kellaway Colling, Plates from Colling’s Gothic Ornament - Gothic Architectural ornaments

Doric Order (Classical) Doric order - one of the three orders or organisational systems of Ancient Greek or classical architecture characterised by columns which stood on the flat pavement of a temple without a base, their vertical shafts fluted with parallel concave grooves topped by a smooth capital that flared from the column to meet a square abacus at the intersection with the horizontal beam that they carried.

Classical Orders of Architecture. Of the three columns found in Greece, Doric columns are the simplest. They have a capital (the top, or crown) made of a circle topped by a square.

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Graphic History_Goticul_

For this reason a study of Gothic architecture is largely a study of cathedrals and churches. Description from I searched for this on

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