Sleeping lofts are a great way to maximise space. I really like this cabin with its one legged ladder but I dont know that I think much of that safety rail. Do you like it? Not the rail, silly - the cabin and sleeping loft!

Cabin kitchen <3

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Yes Please I'll take one

SOMETHING TINY! Just a tiny home…If I had the skills to do this (and it had internet access), I'd be perfectly happy living in something like this. It would definitely beat this long house!

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That Pottery Barn candle chandelier is perfection. My favorite design feature is the stone fireplace, it's so dramatic and rustic. These high ceilings are fantastic, totally transforms the space into more than just your typical living/family room.

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Great use of space for a family room in the basement. And the bunks will help when guests with kids come to town, of sleepovers, etc. traditional kids by Highline Partners, Ltd

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Love books and this is a great bookshelf idea.reminds me of old time libraries a bit with the ladder. Great idea if you have high ceilings but not a lot of wall space

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Just for the kitchen layout change! Peninsula on the other side---does it close things off too much?