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Fly Line and Leader Knot . knots - How to Tie the Albright Knot - Tying Backing Line to Fly Line

How to tie a Surgeons Knot


How to tie Surgeons Knot

Light-to-heavy line splice, for tying on thicker lines such as shock leaders. Six-turn Yucatan knot 157%

Six-turn Yucatan Fishing Knot - for splicing 2 lines of similar size together- for my marriage beads

HOW TO Tie BRAIDED Fishing Line to MONOFILAMENT or Fluorocarbon Leader- Easy and Strong Fishing Knot - YouTube

How to Tie Braid to Mono leader knot quick and easy. Learn in this tutorial how to tie Braided fishing lines to Monofilament or Fluorocarbon leaders.

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Alberto Knot Alberto Knot The Alberto knot is an excellent knot for joining lines of different diameters and/or composition such as monofilament (or fluorocarbon) leaders to braid line.

Simple Knot O_O

Ultimate Knots - many varieties illustrated.

How to tie a Blood Knot; fishing

Learn to tie the Blood knot for fly fly fishing

How to tie a Nail Knot - I used this knot often when tying on a new leader to my fly line. A must know knot in my opinion.

FINALLY a nail knot picture I understand! Gotta put a new leader line on right this minute.

Here's a one-page reference that shows six First Class Knots; square knot, taught-line hitch, two half hitches, timber hitch, clove hitch, and bowline.

Six First Class Knots Info

Azotar común | Cómo atar un nudo Whipping Común animada e ilustrada.

This is what Leslie uses. Common Whipping - Whipping knot to keep end of rope from unraveling

How to Tie a Fishing Hook, Fishing aKnots…

Carp fishing knots : Improved Albright knot

Carp Fishing by Andy Steer on iBooks

Non-Slip Mono Knot

Non-slip Mono Knot

HOW TO TIE THE 4 STRONGEST FISHING KNOTS! One thing you can't buy is good knot. These are the best in each of four major categories.  Great, detailed instruction and step by step illustration. Can't wait to wet a line!

How to Tie Fishing Knots. By Scarlett, on July 2013 Learn how to tie fishing knots. It just might come in handy someday. Listed here are 4 of the strongest fishing knots you can tie.

Fishing Knots - is a great app to have on your smartphone.

Fishing Knots - is a great app to have on your smartphone.

How to Tie The Four Strongest Fishing Knots

This is how Grandpa taught me how to tie on a hook or lure. Don't forget to spit on the bait for good luck! thats the rapala knot