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Short hair

there is nothing better, simpler, or more chic than a well-styled pixie. particularly when you keep those eyebrows dark and lips darker. Smalldridge what if I got my hair cut like this :)

ヘアカラーのセレクトで ダークなウェアをクールに魅了。 - ヘアカタログ|シュワルツコフ オンライン

ヘアカラーのセレクトで ダークなウェアをクールに魅了。 - ヘアカタログ|シュワルツコフ オンライン

this fringe might work for me, or perhaps more length?

Nowadays many women prefer short bangs because they are comfy and bring out their facial features. Besides short bangs don’t hide the forehead entirely and th

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I remember reading somewhere that the bowl cut was a disconnected haircut like the undercut hairstyle. Is this true and what is the difference between a bowl haircut and the undercut haircut?

Short hair

Thinking of a stunning change in your hairstyle? On this page you will find the 20 Best Short Hair with Bangs that you will love immediately! There’s no better way to freshen up a boring hairstyle than with bangs! There… Continue Reading →

Lovely color & cut in both the hair and the top... Flawless makeup, a bonus.

Amanda Seyfried Red Classic Bob Hair: Love the color, need it darker for myself though! Nice clean cut all around, love the bangs!