Maarten Convens and Emil Andersson by Riccardo Dubitante for D’SCENE

Maarten Convens and Emil Andersson by Riccardo Dubitante for D'SCENE

In The Room story captured for the launch edition of our D'SCENE Magazine features photography by Milan based photographer Riccardo Dubitante and the promising Maarten Convens and Emil Andresson.

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{Alex Mapeli} "Hey there I'm Alex Mapeli. I'm 19 and defiantly single. I'm a model and sometimes I help out with some music. I'm a sweet guy but I can sometimes get a bit rude. But hey I'm just a nice guy I general unless you don't like me"

Song Jae Rim

Still drooling over his beautiful hair tbh Song Jae Rim (Je Woon = The Moon Embracing the Sun)

Vampire guy with nice silver rings. Vampires can't touch silver but whatever.

Important Story Character, Master Vampire, 800 to years old, human history known only to him, and human birth name known only to him

"Do you play?" asked the Prince as the woman looked around. He stopped playing, "Have a seat in the sitting room while I find mother."

I miss playing the piano and pipe organ. I'd trained on pipe organ first, then fell into playing piano because pipe organs are rare outside of lessons. Pianos, I'd found everywhere.

cyberpunk post apocalyptic anonymous - Google Search

Runners of the Playground, Rebel Factions. [Wallthistle by

long, ponytail worthy hair AND eyeliner... yalls perfect man! @Becca Phillips @Marcia Frazier

Long hair, heavy eyeliner, lip ring - this guy is going to be a rock star