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Words are powerful! Be mindful of what you say to others and to yourself, of what words you agree with and expose yourself to......these words carry a vibration that is creating your thoughts, which is creating your world.....we are surrounding ourselves with positive and uplifting words and sharing them with others here ❤

She was fascinated with words. To her, words were things of beauty, each like a magical power or potion that could be combined with other words to create powerful people// Dean Koontz

R.M. Drake Quote

don't wait until tomorrow, it's not real. there's only now, and right now i need you to believe in yourself more than i believe in you. drake (but seriously, who is person?


Romantic Universe poem written by Christopher Poindexter Love Poetry Literature Soulmates Stars Scientists Enlightenment Spirit Science Mind Body Soul

Magic is when you live your life the way you didn't picture it and leave nothing behind. -R. M. Drake @Robert M. Drake

Drake magic is when you live your life the way you didnt picture it and leave nothing behind.

Dance quote❤️

She dances to the songs in her head,speaks with the rhythm of her heart, and loves from the depths of her soul Dean Jackson # quote


She slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was among them. - Remind the wolves that you are a lion.