The Peking Opera” for Harper’s Bazaar China May 2016, photographed by Wangy Xin Yu

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global-fashions: “ Wangy Xin Yu & The Peking Opera - Harper’s Bazaar China May 2016 photos Kiki Xue ”


Body modification is a term that is generally associated with tattooing and piercing but can included scaring and stretching. Shamans use modification as a means to achieving an altered state.JW - Photographer: H.

Antique Chinese woman's headdress, wire, kingfisher feathers, sequins, glass beads

love the contrast of simplicity and ornate. wood carved headpiece, vintage bohemian dress, art deco jewelry and a strand of pearls. now this is photo styling!

Vlada at Chanel Spring 2009 Haute Couture. The Headdresses were made of paper.

Vlada at Chanel Spring 2009 Haute Couture Did you know that the floral headdresses are made of paper?

Noddys On King коллекция 2014 Still Lives —

Hair: Noddys On King Creative Team Makeup: Andrea Black Fashion Stylist: Jess Angel Photos: Troyt Coburn Contemporary styles marry with classic painted portraits for a baroque artistic look.


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mermaid sfx special effects

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"Masks" by Richard Burbridge. theatrical fashion photography for grimm and fairy avante garde lovers This is amazing. Fantasy brought to life