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Wind energy helps ward off power outages -  "As the winter storm moved from west to east over the last two days, wind energy repeatedly proved its reliability and value: ..The grid operator for the Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes states, PJM, saw very high wind energy output when it needed it most. Wind output was above 3,000 MW when the grid operator faced extreme challenges due to the unexpected failure of numerous fossil-fired power plants as well as two large nuclear power plants"

The United Kingdom has too much renewable energy and may have to limit the amount of green energy it produces during the summer months, according to a report by the National Grid released earlier [.


In recent months, hidden behind the scary headlines coming from Iraq, there’s been some great news for the Dinar – The country’s trade surplus is fat, and it’s becoming fatter each month because of growing oil revenues.

Remedios Naturales para Limpiar Higado Graso | Eternitips #remediosnaturales

Remedios Naturales para Limpiar Higado Graso | Eternitips #remediosnaturales

Capacity in early development, advanced development, or under construction across the US

renewable energy development will outpace conventional fuel plants

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Renewable energy will surpass natural gas as the planet's No. 2 electricity source by 2016. #environment #energy

Renewables outpacing natural gas, IEA says

Renewable energy will surpass natural gas as the planet's No. 2 electricity source by

Lanzan convocatoria entre México y la Unión Europea en energía geotérmica

Geothermal Power Plant: There are three types of geothermal power plant that can convert geothermal energy to electricity

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Water is an important part of our lives, and something we take for granted. Learnings ways to conserve water will help during droughts, economic hardships,

Renewable #Energy - #GreenEnergy Pros and Cons https://www.greenhostit.com/green/renewable-energy-green-energy-pros-and-cons/?utm_content=bufferbc2cd&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer

Renewable Energy - Green Energy Pros and Cons

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Store Wind Energy Underground - YouTube

Wind power is one of the greenest forms of energy, though it's hardly the most reliable.

Renewable Energy Industrial Park planned in Columbus

Renewable Energy Industrial Park planned in Columbus

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Russia and the US hold high-level talks in Washington

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Windfarm in Winter (credit: Vermont Environmental Research Associates, Inc.

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SPRAT - Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians