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I would do this with my big sis and little sis, but j would have bear paws instead of ladybugs :)

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Wanting a ladybug tattoo for my granny who passed away in January. She always used to call me ladybug :)

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This would only work if we could get everybody to do one. Also, it would be kind of complicated. 'Cause Sam would have 2 of and y'all would have # of but I would have 1 of So it wouldn't really work for us.

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what about this one for matching tattoos? Could change it to one of us having "best" and the other having "friends" or just leave it with sisters

be happy tattoo | tattly This style but with kids' names and coming from a ball of yarn would be perfect!

Be Happy

Among the most popular tattoos are those that relate to famous quotes from movies, books, songs etc.Would you like to have some inspirational quote tattoos

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I love my little sister she means the world! So I'm getting a tattoo dedicated to our relationship. I like the idea of two girls on a swing probably have to change the hair though, one with an afro and the other with braids lol


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