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One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to lay back on my back in the pool/ocean and look at the sky. It is the most trusting and relaxing thing ever.

The perfect messy bun.

A casual and messy bun is the perfect hair style for those lazy summer days tanning at the beach.

my name is SEXY and every time i hear someone raising their voice, i don’t know who you are and your words like a slap to my spine, i am scared and alone and suddenly so small,and compliments are supposed to make me feel good not afraid for my life, compliments are a way of saying “i care and i appreciate you and i thought you should know it,” and if you really meant it as a compliment, you’d care about how i would take it - but you don’t mean it like that

Cho e 1 pic cô gái buồn ngồi bên bờ biển nha page ^^ E camon


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