Pixar's rules of storytelling

Funny pictures about Pixar's Rules Of Storytelling. Oh, and cool pics about Pixar's Rules Of Storytelling. Also, Pixar's Rules Of Storytelling.

Writing Your Story // The Beginning


*cough* except words were meant to initiate conversation to transfer information from one individual to the next, and women are just as capable to do so as men, and I know both males and females who stumble over two syllable words as well as those who can write full blown novels, so down with the patriarchy and up with the equality please.

Here’s A Quick Brilliant Cheat Sheet To Avoid Using The Word “Very”

Robin Williams guys-fav movie Probably my favorite quote from a movie RIP Robin Williams

Love this. Especially numbers 6 and 10

10 writing tips for the most casual of writers up to prestigious authors. These may seem elementary, but building a solid foundation is key to perfecting your writing.

Rules of Pixar

Rules of Pixar. Rules of story telling by Pixar. I know it's been posted before, but it's extremely helpful. pies of Storytelling 1 1 You admire a Character for pixar Rules helpful

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Amazing Contrast of Intellectual vs Emotional Words. Use of emotional words in persuasive writing, and use of intellectual terms in business.

Very interesting (my language hoe heart is happy!), although I wouldn't ever use have of them. When in doubt, stick to 'said' and use these sparingly!

Very interesting (my language hoe heart is happy! When in doubt, stick to 'said' and use these sparingly!<<<< hahahahahaha 'language hoe heart' hahaha omfg i'm dying

Pixars 22 rules to phenomenal storytelling.

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This is one of those Inforgraphic Pins that contians wise info from a wise old sage rather than the modern 'gurus'...

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Writing tips from Tolkien. I've never read any of his books but this is great advice. I take number 8 to heart all the time. Everyone in my life is going to end up in a novel at some point.

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