More from my sketchbooks today, folks, here we have 52 ways to draw a home, hovel or abode for an ADVENTURER!

More concepts from my sketch books today, for those of you that like to see the work that goes on behind the scenes of our comics.

plan of the house by "pomyslownia"

Found on the attic in the dusted archive of the Gnomes Maps and Schemes Repositorium is the drawing of Baba Yagas chicken-legged hut.


stone cottage bordering on mansion proportions. Em's Cottage by Shawn Fisher.

RIP Moebius, one of the greats who died one year ago today.

Jean Giraud a. Moebius - “Untitled” - 1986 - Print Comic - Giraud develops a unique blend of science fiction and surreal environments within his illustrations.

Speechless. ...

This is a three-point perspective drawing of the city. The pespective starts from the corner or the edge of the city. From the edge of the drawing the person starts to draw everything he/she sees.