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Arapaho Leather Dress Dress-->Temporary-->Body Supplement-->Enclosure--> Combination Type--Both Preshaped and Suspended


Native American war shirts used by southwest Indian tribes are a very interesting part of American history. Worn by braves as badges of honor, they represented the bravery of the warrior during battle. Indian war shirts were often made of buckskin and dec

American Indian Coloring Book

Arts and Crafts of the Cherokee

Definitely the sourcebook on Cherokee Arts & Crafts. Lavish with photographs, this book gives the historical background of each craft and a clear guide to the materials and procedures used for making

unknown Yakama artist (Yakama), Shimx (Buckskin Dress), ca. 1890, K’pit-lima (beadwork) on Sk’imski’im (thin, tanned hide), The Elizabeth Cole Butler Collection, no known copyright restrictions, 87.70.15

Yakama Indian Shimx Buckskin Dress, ca. K’pit-lima (beadwork) on Sk’imski’im (thin, tanned hide), The Elizabeth Cole Butler Collection.

☆ Pow-wow Dancer :¦: By Artist James Bama ☆:

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