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Birds Eye View The shadows of the camels is what makes this such an incredible shot - camel ride by jarrad seng

Awesome camels

Africa, an Afar Camel caravan crossing the salt flats of lake Assal, as shadows lengthen in the late afternoon. At 509 feat below sea level. Lake Assal, Djibouti, is the lowest place in Africa.

Lujo viaje al sur de la India desde Peru| lujo viaje a las playas del sur de la India

Beautifully decorated Camel stallion Gajraj reaching almost the first floor while rearing during his Camel-dance performance in India (Photo: Christiane Slawik)……BEAUTY OF THE DANCING CAMEL…………….

Soap foam macros  #photography #macro_photography #mytumblr

Soap foam macro photography - this would make a stunning window or a beautiful pot or piece of glass or a textile, a brilliant example of natural form

<3 *You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.* <3  <3 ~Rumi~ <3

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Freed from a suspended balloon a fraction of a second earlier, water maintains a balloon-like shape for a fraction more—long enough for Serge Raymond to capture the moment in a picture featured in National Geographic.