Universal Balance

Book cover of History of Astronomy, designed by Erik Nitsche 1908

Music and mathematics go hand in hand.

The fractal geometry of the structure of the vacuum of space encoded into our musical systems! For more on the connection between music and Sacred geometry. Explore further the fractal holographic nature of the cosmos: Music and harmony

Austin McCasland – Impossible Cube | Interactive Art & Computational Design, Spring 2014

Pseudo-Mobius Impossible Cube with Continuance-Pathway along edges of the faces

Ars notoria sive Flores aurei (The art of magic is, or the flowers of the golden) by Apollonius of Tyana, 13th century alchemy

Apollonius of Tyana: Ars notoria sive Flores aurei Photographic Copy of the text for sale here

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Transmutation circles - alchemical symbol - sacred geometry - can be used in your design - the art of tattooing - the design of logos - corporate identity - as a poster or a badge. ~ ღ Skuwandi

Geometric perspective m by peacay, via Flickr

The album of geometric and perspective drawings (Codex Guelf Aug.) from the is available online from Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel / Sacred Geometry

Rosicrucian Alchemy from the Manly Palmer Hall collection / Sacred Geometry <3

tile design idea: Manly Palmer Hall Collection of Alchemical Manuscripts.


Regular circular form, composed of rhombuses (equilateral parallelograms) and squares. Not all the forms are toned in a consistend way.