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Recycled glass is used in home countertop designs.

How to Build a Crushed Glass Countertop

Redoing your old countertop with recycled glass makes an attractive surface with the appearance of colorful glass fragments floating in clear liquid glass. A durable, clear epoxy coating lets the .

Las encimeras Vetrazzo están hechas de vidrio reciclado. Son superficies "verdes" de varios colores que ofrecen una posibilidad para decorar la cocina de una manera muy elegante. La reutilización d...

Glass is not often thought of as a material for countertops, yet glass is an ideal material for modern kitchen countertops. Also, in keeping with the eco-friendly trend, recycled glass countertops are becoming very popular these days.

recycled glass countertop - vetrazzo - I don't think it will fit in the budget

Recycled glass kitchen countertops …

Picture of Recycled Glass Countertop

Recycled Glass Countertop

Recycle Glass DIY Pour-in-Place Concrete Countertops

The day we had been preparing for for weeks was finally upon us - pour day! I spent hours researching, studying, researching, reading, stud.

Six Busy Rabbits and a Happy Guinea Pig: A Countertop, River Rocks and Oak Trees, Part I

leveled with segments of paint mixing sticks. Backerboard, edging and rocks More rocks.

Ready to redo your kitchen? Concrete countertops are a great budget-friendly option.

13 different ways to transform your kitchen countertops with concrete

Ready to redo your kitchen? Concrete countertops concrete counyertopsare a great budget-friendly option.

love this sink made from concrete

Like this concrete sink. Pre-cast concrete sink with embedded stainless steel grate and stainless rinse tray. Heavy at lbs. (will need reinforced cabinetry) but really attractive!