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God made you just the way you are on purpose. You are beautiful to him and that is all that matters. You are Beautiful.

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I'm not talking to anyone. People have been trying to talk to me and I've dont them I don't want a boyfriend so that they would leave me alone.

"Let your actions speak for what you stand for, for what God has called you to be. Love her tenderly and fiercely, and let the world see that hope in marriage because of God does, indeed, exist. Then I'll call you a man."

From God’s heart to your ears…“You are altogether beautiful, my darling there is no flaw in You.”Songs of Songs I hope you have the best day friends… Be free…Be brave…Be beautiful…Live in Love, Lisa

Favorite bible verse. I cannot wait to get the Roman numerals as my first tattoo

“ Aren’t you glad that your troubles and trials are only temporary? Compared with eternity, our troubles don’t last long at all! As you stand strong in faith during times of adversity, scripture says that you are achieving.