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I say it all the time.this is just how sweet and gentle bulldogs are. ~jw- I agree,the sweetest dogs.

"Just too tuff to smile - I'm smiling on de inside!"

Dog Treat Recipes made easy!


10 Reasons Why You Should Never Own English Bulldogs

Hahahahahahha this is my B!!!!!! So funny he used to do this with Marie all the time!

Hahahahahahha this is my B! So funny he used to do this with Marie all the time!

His face looks so proud! "She loves ME!"

His face looks so proud! "She loves ME!

Helping each other...

English Bulldog helping in the kitchen :)

GAHHH... I want this to be my children!

Our ultimate dog mix, British Bulldog, Pug French Bulldog.

9 Bulldogs High-Fiving

9 Bulldogs High-Fiving

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This pup needs to sing the thunder song!

Have you hugged your Bulldog today? I swear every bulldog loves to be held this way!

" I ain't ever goin' to deh vet again. He asked meh wut deh difference iz between an oral and a rectal thermometer. Den he laughed and said: 'the taste.' "

Awww:) Bulldogs sleep anywhere!