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Macbeth, by William Shakespeare

This Macbeth poster represents several themes: ambition because the skull has a crown as a mouth, power because of the crown and death because of the skull.

Josh Nychuk Vancouver K.OK CLLC NTMY

Josh Nychuk (Nychuk Design) Vancouver — works in the field of visual communication as a graphic designer and photographer.

This is a remarkable example of Constrained Visual Language. It named Penguin vs. Batman. It is cleverly a single image can reveal dual layers effortlessly. The yellow portion of the poster shows the Tim Burton’s version of Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin. When we vertical flip, it’s the Dark Knight himself. I like this image and it use the Constrained Visual Language, it simple and clearly. We can easy to see the subject in this image.

Negative space in art Graphic designer Simon C. Page uses negative space trickery to depict Batman VS Penguin

Caran d'ache

I like how they used the tip of the pencil to recreate the shape of a mountain. This provides a new perspective. Using the pencil to recreate a scene that relates to the Swiss brand (i. the Swiss Alps).

Wi7p2zBZ7gw.jpg 550×384 pixels

This needs to be Banksy-ed all over the world! [the graphic imperative exhibition at western michigan university - designboom