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permutation II . by Klaus Staudt .  White cardboard on black cardboard,  61 × 61 cm  Created 1968

by Klaus Staudt . White cardboard on black cardboard, 61 × 61 cm Created 1968 --- *** Make this the moon faces!


Matt Shlian& paper art is something that we would love to see rendered in plaster!


I really like the look of this pattern because it has a carved out, 3 dimensional look. I also like how it is very organic and flows without looking like waves. Its simple yet captivating and I like that.

Curved-line folding is the act of folding a flat sheet of material along a curved crease pattern in order to create a three-dimensional shape. It is a creative and innovative way to produce...

Official Full-Text Paper (PDF): UNDULATUS: design and fabrication of a self-interlocking modular shell structure based on curved-line folding

*어반 픽셀 패턴 파사드 디자인 [ Chris Kabel ] Bent :: 5osA: [오사]

Dutch designer Chris Kabel has wrapped this house and studio in Amsterdam with a facade of perforated hexagons that catches the light like a hanging sheet of fabric.

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wall panels from Innovative Accents are at the forefront of modern sculpted paneling design and manufacture. Our textured wall panels can be applied as mono continues feature wave walls or an accent of textured panels to an otherwise boring space.